DBNPA Chemical

DBNPA Chemical

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The provided DBNPA Chemicals are Eco-friendly biocides that are famous for their purity, balanced, that are known for their accurate chemical composition. Their wide application in water treatment plants and paper, oil as well as oil and gas industries is an example of their popularity in the market. The melting point of our offered DBNPA Chemical collection is 130° Celsius and its boiling point is 140° C. The chemical is appreciated in the market for its exceptional solubility in water, the offered are also soluble with ether, acetone and chloroform.

Some other attributes:-
  • Chemical formula:- C3H6BrNO4
  • Molar mass:- 199.989 g per mol
  • Appearance:- Fine white colored crystalline powder
  • Functions:- Works as n efficient drilling fluid additive
  • Class:- the offered chemical is classified as drilling & completion fluids, preservative, commercial chemicals and anti-microbials.

Specification of DBNPA, C3H2Br2N2O :-

SR. No. Test Specification
1 Description    Off white to yellowish Crystalline powder having a characteristic odor.
2 Solubility Soluble
3 pH (1% w/w) Between  4.0  to  7.0
4 Melting Point Between  125°C   to 127°C
5 Moisture content Not more than 0.5%
6 Assay ( as DBNPA w/w ) Not less than 99.0%