Intermediate Chemicals

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  1. Polyallylamine Hydrochloride

    Polyallylamine Hydrochloride Polyallylamine Hydrochloride is a white crystalline powder having a hygroscopic nature. It is a cationic polyelectrolyte and has many biomedical applications. This powder has active cations that allow the user to selectively attract negatively charged functional groups to the coated surface or to the dissolved water soluble cationic polymers. It is used in the film industry, polymer industry, and cell encapsulation as well as to make redox hydro gel- modified electrodes for measuring enzyme responses.
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  2. Ortho Nitrobenzaldehyde

    Ortho nitrobenzaldehyde is an organic compound containing a nitro group ortho to formyl. It is an aromatic compound that is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of the popular dye Indigo. This organic compound also acts as a useful photo removable protecting group for various functions. It is also used in the preparation of various pesticides, nonlinear optic materials, and pharmaceutical drugs. This compound is highly toxic and weakly biodegradable.
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  3. Cyanoacetamide

    Cyanoacetimide is a chemical that is extensively used in the pharmaceutical sector for the manufacture of drugs such as dihydrochloride and ebastine. The chemical is manufactured by subjecting Chloroacetic acid through the Kolbe Nitrile Synthesis the product formed by which is then passed through Ester Aminolysis and Fischer Esterification.
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